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subject Clod, wheel travel

Clod, wheel travel

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The above picture was tested with a normal TXT gearbox and rods.

Picture A shows wheel travel of normal TXT. As you can see (B, C), more wheel travel is possible by changing the position of rods.

A side view
B side view
C side view

Less space between upper rods and lower rods make more wheel travel possible.

The orange box in the bottom picture shows A, which is an angle of ball-end, and B, which is the width between the upper rods and lower rods.
An angle of wheel travel increases as the width of B decreases.

Larger wheel travel was possible with same position of rods.

The bottom picture shows a different position of the ball-end. The gearbox has more wheel travel by switching position of the rod from outside
to inside.It was a result of decreasing interference between the rods.

But it doesn't mean the inner side of the supper rods always increases an angle. The point is, to make less interference between the rods.
C top view
D top view
Longer rods make larger wheel travel possible.
The ball-end also plays an important part in wheel travel.
Generally different types of ball bearing have a slightly different limit of angle.
If the one side of the ball-end has a 3 degree difference,
the whole rods makes a 12 degree difference in wheel travel.
Above picture is movement of gearbox from side view. The gearbox vertically moves up and down.
The relationship between a rod and a shock also plays a very important part of a truck.


A shock is directly connected to a rod.
The safest and easiest form is directly connected to a shock and a rods.
But the vertical position of a shock makes a small wheel travel.
Above picture show a relationship between a shock and a wheel travel.
A, movement of a shock and a wheel is the same.
B, the shock is placed in the middle of the rod, a wheel moves twice as long as a shock.
Picture C, in this situation, the wheel moves twice as large as in picture B, But the shock needs to be strong to stand the body.

Beyond all of these, we've got through the formation of the wheel, rod, and shock.
I tested them individually so there is no absolute result for it. But if I make a conclusion for it, the wheel travel should be balanced.
The perfect formation is a balanced formation, not inclined to one or the other side.


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