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subject Martin' s TXT-1.

Martin' s TXT-1.

~ From original is just remedy and gear-box. I put to this original gear-box one more gear-box with proportion 3:1, motor is standart from firma Carson 7,2V.
Oil shock-absorber from Carson,4x55mm and 2x120mm.First I suggested this car in computer program AutoCad, and after I left cut some part of this car with water ray on CNC automat and after I made myself the final version. Material I used aluminium, stainless steek abd carbon.¨

This model is complete with ball bearing. For driving remedy I used two servo motors from firma Hitec HS-805BB. I used impuls regel for get better control of the riding car. This impuls regel is from firma Graupner type V80. I builded this car 3 months. It is easy to get control of this car outside, this car can get easy from dificult terain, because this car has lock diferencials.¨~

Martin Pluhar from Czech Republic.


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